Corporate Videos Done Right

By Laura Nobles | Video,

We’ve all seen them: videos promos designed to “wow” us about a company and its wares. Unfortunately, many corporate videos often fall short of their intended goal.

How can you make sure yours isn’t a snooze-fest? I say make it personal.

Any company can claim to have a good product or service. It’s a given in today’s economy. What sets any company apart is its people, who cement your brand’s emotional connection with your stakeholders.

A recent corporate video from Nobles Global Communications client OptiMedica demonstrates how to utilize your people to personalize your video. Theirs is a “secret sauce” culture I wish I could bottle and sell.

(OptiMedica Corp./Carling Communications)

Here are five reasons why it works:

  1. It’s all about authenticity (note the lack of scripted talking heads)
  2. It captures a spirit of passion and aspiration unique to the company
  3. It inspires confidence in the company’s advancements/accomplishments
  4. It builds a compelling story
  5. It “sells” without “selling”

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